The Stream (2022)

Video installation, film projection, advertising trailer
Duration: 7m 45s

Actors: Alo Suursaar, Egle Ehtjen, Erko Ever, Heini Kiis, Janno Lepind, Kati Müüripeal, Kristen Rästas, Kristjan Koskor, Lauri Aksel, Madli Kadakas, Markus Tiitus, Mart Joost, Martin Loik, Sten Saarits, Sven Sosnitski, Tiina Vändre

Production assistant: Egle Ehtjen
Lighting, camera assist: Erko Ever
Drone operator: Kristjan Koskor

This work is part of the Absentia Trilogy including 3 video installations: The Wait, The Stream and The Browse

Introduction to the personal exhibition 'Petrified'

Petrified centers around the sense of detachment from the world and oneself, using familiar architectural forms from the city streets to create a backdrop of a cityscape at nightfall, where the common feelings of this time and age such as anxiety and fear of the unknown are revealed in a new light.
The stillness of the night is a good time for gathering your thoughts, but it is also the time when illuminated screens and artificial lights compete most brutally for our attention.
The video and photo installations of the exhibition are marked by continuous but aimless movement, where the characters in the videos or the motion mechanisms of the works themselves have succumbed to the endless loop.
The inability to change direction or to actively intervene in one's surroundings brings attention to irrelevant details, where it falls into the folds of perception, like the blind but ever seeing eye.

'Petrified' was curated by Eva Mustonen


Vaal Gallery, Tallinn