Detached (2023)

commercial light signage, 6-channel sound (duration: 15m 15s)

The centerpiece of the work is a commercial light signage commonly found in urban environments, that spells out the Estonian word for "detached" upon it. The word's translation invokes thoughts of disconnection and abstraction, which are key themes explored within the installation.

Using a 6-channel sound composition made up of field recordings taken from corporate, institutional, and private spaces where digital information processing is routine, the installation creates a soundscape of synthesized and abstracted sounds. This sound composition aims to immerse the listener in the experience of being idle yet alert for incoming information, highlighting the dual experience of confronting the brute reality of one's surroundings while being bombarded by the echoes of the digital stream. This state of being is all too common in both professional and private settings, where the fear of missing out can lead to constant alertness and disconnection. The sound installation encourages listeners to reflect on their own relationship with their environment and consider the impact of their constant search for information.

Special thanks to Kelli Gedvil, Ian Simon Märjama, Sven Sosnitski, Egle Ehtjen, Kristina Õllek, Tarvo Varres and


Documentation from the Exhibition 'Sound Speaks' at Roheline saal (Telliskivi, Tallinn). Curated by Aivar Tõnso