Foreground Horizon with Roman-Sten Tõnissoo (2018)

6 channel sound installation, evolving loop

Site-specific sound installation “Foreground Horizon” is an acoustic companion for the picturesque view from the terrace of the newly opened EAA building over the Kalamaja region and the horizon over the sea. The multichannel sound environment aims to establish socio-geographic relations within the new building by using sound design as a mediator. The abstract meditative sounds focus on being present, the collective state of mind and human relations to surroundings. “The listener who enters sound installations is made to inhabit the visual space bodily” (Salomé Voegelin).

Special thanks to: Solveig Jahnke and the Estonian Academy of Arts


Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

Audio recording of Foreground Horizon on location (excerpt)