It's Lonely in the Metaverse by Egle Ehtjen, Kelli Gedvil, Kristen Rästas, Sten Saarits (2022)

Audiovisual participatory exhibition

Four artists will create an audiovisual participatory exhibition in the hall of the Rapla County Centre for Contemporary Art, exploring the soul of the ‘metaverse’, a recently popular medium that uses various spatial and virtual reality technologies. Platforms for virtual worlds are a hot topic both in the crypto world and, increasingly, in the ‘normal world’, through ‘fear-of-missing-out’ advertising campaigns promising new social, investment and entertainment environments on the internet. Behind the exaggerated promises of the future, however, today’s meta-worlds besides their edgy commercial undertones are lonely, not that interactive, and full of digital gambling and collective tokens. ‘It's Lonely in the Metaverse’ is the interpretation by the four artists of the significant contrast between the advertising hurricane and the virtual landscapes that fall into its shadow.

Graphic design by Henri Kutsar

The artists would like to thank: Markus Tiitus, Alexei Gordin, Ian-Simon Märjama, Hendo Kidron, Leegi Kiis, Marek Gedvil, Tiina Vändre, Laura Suur, Anna-Liisa Männik, Ingrid Algma, Ingrid Kääramees, Linda Zupping, Jüri Ruut Känd, Mirko Känd, Erko Ever, Kristjan Koskor, Anni Koskor, Katarina Koskor, Ander Koskor, Kennet Lekko, Estonian Academy of Arts

This exhibition is funded by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, ​​Peenjoogivabrik Nudist

Rapla County Centre for Contemporary Art, Estonia

Excerpts of the VR work These Landscapes are Familiar by Sten Saarits

Excerpt of the sound composition for It's Lonely in the Metaverse by Sten Saarits


ARS Showroom, Tallinn


Rapla County Centre for Contemporary Art, Estonia