Video documentation by Piibe Kolka, sound recordings by Saskia Lillepuu

Spotlights (2016)

Sound installation, 6 horn speakers, 1 low frequency speaker

Vocals performed by Loveday Smith
Exhibited at the 5th Artishok Biennale in Theatre NO99

Stripped from all visual stimuli, a theatrical performance piece unravels within the sound installation. All events and actors are absent. All that remains are announcements of something appearing in the space at all times. The announcements are presented by horn speakers that focus the sound in a narrow area, much like spotlights that call for the presence of an actor or an event in a theatrical setting. The sound installation is supported by a low frequency emitter (LFE) that provides the space with a tone that can barely be heard. Infrasound produces a range of bizarre effects in people including anxiety, extreme sorrow and chills. Since we cannot hear these sound frequencies, they are often linked to cause people to have odd sensations that they attribute to paranormal activities.