Exit (2023)

installation, LED emergency lights, stereo sound, support stands. Original duration: 8m 50s

Reenactments of personal phone calls I have recorded over the summer of 2023 by voice actors and recordings of waiting on the line.

Voice actors: Loveday Smith, Kaspar Velberg

Description from the exhibition "That Being Said," (Space for Free Arts, Helsinki, Finland):

Sten Saarits, engaging in a dialogue goes beyond the mere exchange of information; it becomes an act of participation that exists within the broader context of working actively or passively within the framework of cultural norms, including the foundation of mutual respect. Communication often follows a structured pattern: introduction of a subject, exploration of key points of interest, and a concluding remark. Conversations are structured to maintain politeness and foster common understanding. Throughout the summer, the artist recorded all of his phone calls, focusing on the negotiation of mutual conclusions for the call. What the audience hears are reenactments of these interactions by voice actors. These gestures often unfold within a backdrop of urgency and haste, which seems to be a prevalent theme when reflecting on a quarter-year's worth of calls.


Space for Free Arts, Helsinki, Finland

4 audio excerpts from the work 'Exit'