Composition for 5x4 Sound Space (2017)

9-channel sound installation, duration: 4min

5x4 Sound Space concept:

In 2017 Liisi Küla, Aivar Tõnso, Roman-Sten Tõnissoo, Martin Rästa and Sten Saarits developed a sound space setup consisting of 8 mid-range speakers and one low end speaker to provide a immersive sound listening experience. The listeners were also handed blindfolds to keep from visual stimulation. 5 authors produced individual 4 minute pieces to be presented on this system. This composition has been exhibited multiple times with other pieces as well as independently, in venues such as UIT Festival, Üle Heli Festival and MIMstuudio.


Photo documentation: UIT Festival, St. Mary's Church in Tartu, Estonia

Audio recording on location (listening with headphones is recommended)