Supersonicum, Viljandi, Estonia

SSSSIV: Coil with Sven Sosnitski / 2016

8 channel audio, 8 copper wire coils, steel frame
Duration of the automated composition: 26 minutes 15 seconds (continous playback)
There are no prerecorded sounds in the work, everything is based on live feedback

In this project the collective SSSS did not use prerecorded sounds from the site or space but instead, the sounds that the audio devices themselves emit. By using custom built copper wire coils, the artists turn electromagnetic fields of the speakers audible and manipulate the sound environment of the exhibiting room with those tones in an automated live composition. The authors describe the piece as a concentric body, which all starts from the process inside the speaker, where an electrically amplified coil will start to move the domeshaped membrane. The composition relies partly on the room resonance as a part of the sound experience. The authors mention the best acoustic experience comes from an empty room, where the sound is free to resonate.

SSSS is a collaboration project between artist Sten Saarits and composer Sven Sosnitski. The duo work with audio-visual space installations. The first collaboration project was an installation piece entitled „SSSSI: TheGreat.wav“ or "The Great Wave" which is represented graphically when writing down both of their initials together.

Exhibited in:
Üle Heli Festival 2017 (Loewenschede Tower, Tallinn) 2017
SSSSIV: Coil (Supersonicum, Viljandi, Estonia) 2016