Sten Saarits

The Wait

Dark Finitude



Pneumatic City

Planes of Repetition


Zero G Tonic

Light Drop


SSSSI: TheGreat.wav

Lesser Part of the Equation

SSSS Live: Genetic Material


Stuff Part 1 & Part 2


Intermediate Space

Conceptual Room



Foreground Horizon

SSSSII: Kalarand

My Eyes Are Going Crazy, I Am Trying to See Something but There’s Nothing Here

Sound composition for Tartu Arch Bridge


Phototactic Nightlife


Bermuda Triangle

Newton's Cradle

Zero G Tonic by Kristel Saan and Sten Saarits / 2018


Video documentation of the entire exhibition: Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn


During the summer of 2018, myself and artist Kristel Saan spent a week at the Endla bog (one of the largest of it's kind in Estonia) to study personal cognitive processes in a vast quiet, empty, still environment. An environment where slow processes are heavily contrasted by fast-paced multitasking and always online modern day city life.


Introduction to the theme:

Absorption of a cognitive environment is limited by information processing - the context exists, but the details are still rendering their fully-fledged three-dimensional presence. The intertwining of parallel environments and narratives is in process. In the background there are intersecting timelines that are still being analyzed.. The perceptible is the depletion and regeneration of details and the implications behind signifiers in a new language, where the experienced landscape and it’s semiotic interpretation have fused into one. Contrasts are emphasized and as a result the whole will eventually thin out itself to a shift in the previously known reality. The Internet has zero gravity.. Communication language consists of shapes and figurative models that are feasible to experience when dispersed successfully. Situational error analysis is an ongoing process. The more realistic the landscape around us will become the more successful becomes the depiction of it. We are almost there..


We avoided separate titles for individual works to keep from separating elements from the whole imagined landscape in the gallery.
All the works for this exhibition were produced in unison.