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The Wait / 2020




4K video projection, stereo sound, wooden bus stop construction, acrylic glass side (duration: 13 min)


Production assistant: Egle Ehtjen

Lighting, photography: Erko Ever

Actors: Egle Ehtjen, Erko Ever, Ian Simon Märjama, Kalev Saage, Kristjan Koskor,

Madli Kadakas, Markus Tiitus, Mart Joost, Martin Loik, Natalia Wójcik, Sten Saarits, Tarvo Varres, Tiina Vändre

The installation piece consists of a wooden bus stop construction with an acrylic glass panel side, and a screen on the back, where a 13 minute video work is projected. The short film displayed follows a group of people in a constant state of waiting in different urban and forest settings. The film focuses on the subtle choreography of people passing time while being completely oblivious to their changing surroundings. The film has no true ending or beginning. It is a narrative somehow resisting progress in time and in that regard, becomes sculptural in its form. When the arrival of the new is too unfamiliar, unstable and unknown – the wait embodies a spirit of peace and calm.


Exhibited in:


"The Wait" 2020 / Personal exhibition at ARS Showroom, Tallinn

"Conversing in Absentia" 2020 / Personal exhibition at Vent Space, Tallinn