Stuff Part 1 & Part 2 / 2015


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Part 1


4 channel audio, duration: 10min 20sec


Vocals by Stacey Koosel, Hannah Harkes & Egle Ehtjen.


Audio excerpts:

Part 2


4 channel audio, duration: 9min 54sec


Vocals by Egle Ehtjen & Triin Heinla.

Audio excerpts:

Two part sound installation for the solo exhibition "Stuff"

Photo documentation: Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn


Stuff is a piece that aims to produce a sculpture-like form, or "sound figure", with sound that is introduced into the architecture of the gallery Hobusepea in Tallinn. The installation is composed with vocal recordings and presented in two parts. Part 1 is the upper part of the installation, which is themed around the topic of growth and decay in nature. While Part 2 is the lower section, which presents sounds that are similar to water and resource consumption. They are aligned exactly on top of one another, so in correlation they produce a unified figure.

Introduction to the exhibition:


There was always an apple tree in front of our house when I was little. I could see it from the kitchen window. I kept staring at that tree. It was flawless by form and sat beautifully in it’s location. You couldn’t move it anywhere else, it was perfect where it was. As if that tree was made for that space and that space was in harmony only through the presence of it.


During one winter, some harsh winds broke the tree down and after a while, nothing remained. Just a void. A space that was occupied now turned into a new space. A space in a form of a tree. Without the tree.