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SSSSIII / with Sven Sosnitski / 2015


Estonian Academy of Arts Gallery, Tallinn


Audio-visual installation. 6 channel HD video, 8 channel audio


The panoramic audio-visual composition produces a fictional space of the Tallinn Freedom Square where the exhibition space is located close by. The aim of the work is to analyse the spacial awareness present in this site by focusing on the relations between the viewer and the viewed. The composition of the recordings acquires timeless and spaceless characteristics through post-production which is more focused on the motion and spacial features.


SSSS is a collaboration project between artist Sten Saarits and composer Sven Sosnitski. The duo work with audio-visual space installations. The first collaboration project was an installation piece entitled „SSSSI: TheGreat.wav“ or "The Great Wave" which is represented graphically when writing down both of their initials together.