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Nightscape with Citylight

Becoming Accustomed to Strangeness That Doesn’t Become Less Strange Through Acclimation

Dark Finitude

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The Wait

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Light Drop


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Planes of Repetition


Phototactic Nightlife

Intermediate Space


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Sound composition for Tartu Arch Bridge

Bermuda Triangle

Foreground Horizon

Conceptual Room

My Eyes Are Going Crazy, I Am Trying to See Something but There’s Nothing Here

Newton's Cradle



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Sound composition for Tartu Arch Bridge / 2018


Photos by Erge Jõgela. Tartu, Estonia. Aerial view: Estonian Land Board

Audio-visual composition, 12 channel sound, RGB lights

Duration: 3min. Presented daily in 2018.


The first sound and light installation of the reconstructed Tartu arch bridge. The concept for the sound work was not to introduce whole new sounds into the environment, but rather, we used some reoccurring sounds already present in the environment and synthesized these to reflect the surroundings. Much like the surface of the flowing water in the river reflects light of this river city.

The Carillon of Tartu Town Hall, hosting 34 bells, plays chimes 5 times a day. The independent compositions by 5 authors for the Tartu Arch Bridge were timed to play exactly after the Town Hall chimes would stop, to serve as a reverberation or reflection – like a bridge, connecting two sites.


Co-authors: Liisi Kula, Martin Rästa, Roman-Sten Tõnissoo, Aivar Tõnso. Technical concept: Tipriit Valgusdisain, Audio System Design, Elinvar.


Awards: 2018 Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union’s awards. Special prize for sound art and space synthesis.

Audio excerpt of the 12 channel studio mix compressed into stereo format for this portfolio: