Phototactic Nightlife / 2014


Solo exhibition


Trailer Gallery, Umeå, Sweden


Series of colour photographs of plantlife captured during night hours in pre-winter Malmö.

Image of the ice covered ground cleared from snow under the gallery captured with a flatbed scanner.

Exhibiting space positioned under a park light.


Phototaxis is a kind of taxis, or locomotory movement, that occurs when a whole organism moves towards or away from stimulus of light. Phototaxis is called positive if the movement is in the direction of increasing light intensity and negative if the direction is opposite. Phototactic responses are observed in many organisms such as Serratia marcescens, Tetrahymena, and Euglena. Each organism has its own specific biological cause for a phototactic response, many of which are unintended and serve no end

purpose. (Wikipedia)


The series was also featured in the solo exhibition "STUFF" 2015