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Nightscape with Citylight

Becoming Accustomed to Strangeness That Doesn’t Become Less Strange Through Acclimation

Dark Finitude

Zero G Tonic

The Wait

Pneumatic City




Light Drop


Lesser Part of the Equation

Planes of Repetition


Phototactic Nightlife

Intermediate Space


Stuff Part 1 & Part 2

Sound composition for Tartu Arch Bridge

Bermuda Triangle

Foreground Horizon

Conceptual Room

My Eyes Are Going Crazy, I Am Trying to See Something but There’s Nothing Here

Newton's Cradle



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One / 2012


Photo documentation: Raja Gallery, Tallinn


metal sculpture [2500mm x 600mm x 360mm]


One is a sculpture that is in direct relation to the object presented next to it during an experimental exhibition that incorporates a sculpture called “NBP" or "New Bases for Personality" by Ricardo Basbaum (Rio de Janeiro). The NBP gives way for free interpretation and built up from it’s ideological point of non-existence. The NBP works as a means for impregnating space. Viewing the shape of the object and taking into consideration the identical form with number 0, Sten Saarits created an open diologue between two numeral values and their relation to one-and-another.