Newton's Cradle / 2014


Video documentation: Rundgang 2014, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria


Video feedback installation


A flipped mirror image of a participant on a swing is projected live onto the ceiling of the exhibiting space. As the participant gains speed from motion it seems for a moment that there is a possibility of impact with the mirrored self swinging back towards the viewer on the projection.  Writing on the floor is positioned onto the video frame so that it appears as subtitles. With the caps in the sentence of the famous I. Newton's third law, it now states: "To every ... there is always an equal and opposite ...". The form of the installation mimics the characteristics of a Newton's cradle, where now the visitor and participant acts the role of what is usually a steel ball. The gravitational shift is related to the social struggle to go up as well as questioning physics on the matter of beginnings without external forces or a clear reason for them?