Sten Saarits

The Wait

Dark Finitude



Pneumatic City

Planes of Repetition


Zero G Tonic

Light Drop


SSSSI: TheGreat.wav

Lesser Part of the Equation

SSSS Live: Genetic Material


Stuff Part 1 & Part 2


Intermediate Space

Conceptual Room



Foreground Horizon

SSSSII: Kalarand

My Eyes Are Going Crazy, I Am Trying to See Something but There’s Nothing Here

Sound composition for Tartu Arch Bridge


Phototactic Nightlife


Bermuda Triangle

Newton's Cradle

SSSS Live: Genetic Material / with Sven Sosnitski / 2019


Photos by Maria Aua. Üle Heli festival, ERR 1. stuudio (F.R.Kreutzwaldi 14, Tallinn), broadcasted on Klassikaraadio

Live performance, quadrophonic sound


SSSS's sound composition "Genetic Material" focuses on the relationship between organics and sounds. Through synthesizing recording of natural origins, the sound work brings a spatial sound-image of the living biological world that consists of the collective vibrations of thousands of unnamed biological objects. All sounds used in this composition have been recorded from natural sources and through digital processing, the audio has been stretched, bent, cut into unrecognisable fragments. Revealing and concealing the acoustic structures within.


SSSS is a collaboration project between artist Sten Saarits and composer Sven Sosnitski. The duo work with audio-visual space installations. The first collaboration project was an installation piece entitled „SSSSI: TheGreat.wav“ or "The Great Wave" which is represented graphically when writing down both of their initials together.

SSSS live on Klassikaraadio from 1h 7min (listening with headphones is recommended):