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Dark Finitude / 2021


The online exhibition resides at the archive.

Follow this link to view the entire web-exhibition:


Voice acting by Loveday Smith (UK/NL)

Programming by Kelli Gedvil (EE)

Managed by Kristen Rästas (EE)

Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia


Dark Finitude is an interactive sound based and nonvisual web-exhibition hosted by The exhibition is essentially a dark screen that welcomes viewers on an auditory journey taking place in a nighttime forest setting, accompanied by a voice addressing the boundless, curved and unknown landscape.


Dark Finitude has no true ending or a beginning. The set up is much like a sandbox game where the visitor has an option to construct their own route by clicking on different areas of the screen on their handheld or desktop devices. Every click takes the participant further on a chosen path and a sound clip accompanies every advancement. The exhibition incorporates a vast amount of voice recordings presented by actor Loveday Smith (UK/NL) supported by field recordings and original musical scores by Sten Saarits.


The night provides a pause to the busy daytime, much like a dark screen contrasts the visually overloaded web environment. Similar to sensory deprivation, the mind can become extremely active in reverberating consumed media (books, articles, films, etc.) in these conditions. Dark Finitude is a spacial representation of this unconstrained and uncurated stream of thoughts fueled by unstable political times.


Navigating on handheld or desktop devices is the same – you click or tap on four areas of the dark screen: far left, center left, center right, far right. Every click provides you with four new options to choose from. Headphones or standalone speakers are recommended. While the exhibition is tested on all popular browsers, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The journey is finite but it’s a vicious circle at the same time.