Bermuda Triangle / 2015


Video documentation: Art Hall Gallery / Kunstihoone galerii, Tallinn


Wanting to stay or the obligation to be connected through information technologies comes with drawbacks since there is no way of considering ones ongoing task demands. Answering to or even knowing that one has received a notification, an alert associated with information exchange, is known to negatively impact sustained attention.

This sound installation is connected to the artist’s personal devices, smartphone and a laptop, and every notification that sounds via these devices has been added an extended reverberation. Every alert will resonate in the exhibiting space as long as 20 minutes, or the time ones attention can be affected by interruption of this sort. The audio monitors are arranged in a triangular form, focusing on the acoustic space in-between. Together with the chosen title, the artist draws a parallel between the alerting and resonating space in the gallery and the never really clear Bermuda Triangle mystery - a space known for communication failures, unexplained disappearances, and the unknown influence of the area due to frequent exaggeration by what many call as sloppy research.


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TL;DR / Curated by Stacey Koosel 2015