QWERTY / 2012


Photo documentation: Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn


Video for iPod Touch. Silent. Duration 1:30 min (continuous loop).


Randomly selected people where asked to introduce themselves using an imaginary QWERTY keyboard without any previous practice. This work is a conceptional approach towards people's all day computer based life, to document a IT generation by it's predominant physical characteristics. The image processing applied to the footage increases the feeling of being enclosed in a world which is in a strange way disconnected from the surrounding reality.


The video was created as part of the performance and video seminar "Video killed the Performance Star" at the Estonian Academy of Arts, 2012, lead by Mai Sööt and Kilian Ochs.


Exhibitited in:

Global Container XXVI (Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn) 2013


Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/60270586